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Terms and Conditions

Programme Confidentiality

Information and Security

As part of providing a high quality counselling and treatment service we need to record information about you and your visit to EAP Services. The information you provide is kept secure and is used in the planning of your treatment programme.

Rights of Inspection and Correction of Information

You have the right to view the information we have recorded about you and to read your file. Should any information we have about you be factually incorrect, you can correct it.

Sharing of Information with the Treatment Team

Your Professional may discuss your treatment in their supervision. Supervision is an important component of providing a high standard of counselling. Should this happen, your name will not be mentioned.

Sharing of Information with other Agencies

We do not share personal information about you outside of our team without your permission. Unless it is under the circumstances provided for in the Code of Practice for health care workers; for example where you own or another person’s health or life is at risk.

Compliments and Complaints Procedure

We value your feedback and take all complaints seriously. We investigate all feedback fully to improve our future performance. View our full complaints handling process here.