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We are New Zealand’s largest provider of EAP Services, supporting over one million employees in a wide range of businesses across Aotearoa.

Our network of professionally trained specialists provide a range of support options to ensure people live happier healthier lives.

Happier Healthier Teams

Wellbeing support is valuable resource for all organisations. Our support enables employees to address personal and professional challenges, enhance their wellbeing, and promoting happiness and productivity in your workplace. We will work with you to create a supportive environment that encourages employees to seek help when needed.

Customer Satisfaction
Companies supported across Aotearoa
Support for teams and individual

Managing your relationships

We’ll provide a dedicated relationship manager, who will be your first point of contact for all support. They will discussand assist with the implementation of your EAP programme.

Counselling your way

Once EAP services are implemented we offer counselling support in-person, via phone or video conferencing.

Easy access

Our online booking portal allows for easy access to appointments. Your team can search for appointments in a way that suits, either by first available, in person or online, the nearest location or they can choose a specific clinician.

National support centre

Our National Support Centre (0800 327669) is resourced by our own trained staff tasked with co-ordinating all requests for EAP support.

Manager assist

Our Account Managers and Clinical experts are available to discuss situations where the manager may have a concern about an employee’s behaviour in the workplace but are unsure of the best way to provide help or manage the situation. 

Accessible networks

We have 24 accessible locations and a network of over 200 qualified, registered and supervised professionals throughout New Zealand.

habithealth+ App

The habithealth+ app is designed to help prioritise wellbeing by providing around-the-clock guidance, support and motivation to manage all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Reporting made simple

Regular reporting on the usage of our service is available in our online portal. This provides you with anonymised data to help you monitor the ongoing wellbeing of your work force.

We rank high

Our team consistently achieve excellent client satisfaction scores by providing consistent, tailored support. We can assist with policy discussions and provide awareness briefings and programme literature.


Are EAP Services Free?

EAP Services are provided free to staff whose employers are signed up to the programme. Make a booking

How do I access EAP Services?

If you organisation is signed up to EAP Service you can access services by making a booking (link), this is a confidential service, so you do not need to contact your company HR Manager or Health and Safety representative first.

Who can use EAP services?

EAP Services are available to organisations big and small across Aotearoa, we also work with companies with teams located Internationally. View Locations

What type of help can I expect?

EAP Service can provide support for both work related and personal issues.

Is it just counselling?

EAP Services offer a range of wellbeing services to support businesses and their teams.