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QuitHelp and Healthy Heart Coaching

QuitHelp - Smoking and Vaping

Breaking free from smoking or vaping habits can be tough. Our coaching sessions are here to help staff take control of their health and live a healthier lifestyle.

Why choose QuitHelp?

  • Our coaches are nurses
  • Online session for access anywhere in the country
  • Personalised guidance and strategies to help you overcome nicotine addiction
  • Support to develop coping mechanisms to identify triggers
  • A tailored plan that fits with lifestyle and empowers people to kick the habit for good.

Don’t let smoking or vaping hold your team back.


Healthy Heart - Cardiovascular Health Coaching

Boost the heart health of your team and lower their chances of heart disease with our Healthy Heart coaching sessions.

Why choose Healthy Heart?

  • Our coaches are nurses
  • Review of current health and planning for the future
  • Practical advice that works with individual lifestyles
  • Tips and techniques to manage stress, get more exercise and eat better
  • Support and advice to keep people on track.

Invest in the cardiovascular health of your team today by scheduling a coaching session.