Stress Assessment

Disclaimer:  Based on your responses, this stress assessment is designed to identify the extent to which you may be vulnerable to stress related issues associated with a contemporary lifestyle. This online self assessment tool does not medically or scientifically diagnose your level of stress. A needs analysis with a qualified professional is required to obtain an accurate evaluation.

If you are at all concerned about your level of stress we recommend that in addition to taking the opportunity to discuss resolution strategies with an appropriate EAP professional, that you also make an appointment with your Doctor.

  • Tick A, B or C.
  • Respond quickly and instinctively.
  • Relate all statements to a working environment and respond accordingly.
  • There are no right or wrong answers.


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1) I feel let down and dejected when things go wrong
2) I get irritated when little things go wrong
3) I often blame myself when things go wrong
4) I find it easy to forget about work when I get home
5) I sometimes feel guilty about things, which are not my fault
6) Mistakes haunt me
7) I am bothered by feelings of self doubt
8) In a social situation, I am acutely aware of the impression I am creating
9) At times I fear that I must have done something wrong
10) I often think about past events and wonder whether I should have done things differently
11) I often wonder what other people think of me
12) I think that modern life puts too much stress on most people
13) I usually bounce back with little difficulty after a loss or failure
14) I am full of tense, nervous energy
15) I get tension headaches
16) I feel restless and ill at ease
17) I often find it difficult to get so sleep at night for thinking about the day’s events
18) I handle emergencies well
19) I am usually tense before an important interview
20) I find it difficult to relax
21) I feel confident before big occasions
22) I find I often feel tense about things
23) Insults upset me
24) I am a relaxed person
25) I worry before important events
26) I find it easy to unwind
27) I feel calm before big occasions
28) I get worried before important events
29) I am rather sensitive to criticism
30) I feel nervous before something important happens