Career Services

The key objectives of our individual & group Career Programmes is ensuring participants are supported through their transition.

Through the provision of leading edge strategies, including on line web based assessment tools participants are able to make informed decisions regarding their careers.

We offer a range of customised career programmes designed to support restructure processes as well as Career Development, Career Management and Career Directions to enhance employee retention and productivity through optimum job satisfaction.


Customised Programmes


EAP Services provides a range of individual or group programmes customised to meet individual needs and organisational budgets with any combination of components.

Career Assessment

Our on line assessment tool (OLCAT) assists individuals in identifying and clarifying occupational interests, key skills, values and motivators to enable informed decision making in relation to career planning.

Competency Based CV Development

CV's are an important self-marketing document and as such we will ensure that it succinctly demonstrates all of the individual's key skills, attributes, achievements and that presentation is leading edge to enhance job search success. Executive, Academic, Corporate & Process Worker templates are available.

Managing the Job Search Process

This component is only available in individual programmes and involves developing a personalised job search campaign to impact on all job search strategies.

Networking & Job Search Strategies:

We will provide the individual with proven networking and job search techniques including how to work most effectively with recruitment consultancies and respond to advertised vacancies.

Interview Techniques: 

We will provide the individual with training on how to prepare and conduct themselves to best effect in interviews as well as providing a list of the most commonly asked "difficult to answer" questions and assistance in pre-preparing their responses. Particular emphasis on competency based interviewing techniques.

Financial Planning & Money Management:

 Provides a financial health check which covers the basic areas of financial planning and assists individual's with personal planning strategies to meet their goals.

Retirement Planning: 

Proper planning of financial resources will greatly enhance the choices which people can enjoy. We provide unbiased advice about investments & the pitfalls to avoid.

Successful Self Employment in NZ: 

Provision of comprehensive reference material including self-employment readiness assessment. This component may include face to face advice and discussion that will enable individuals to make informed decisions in relation to self employment.


Career Management & Development

EAP Services has a range of customised programmes designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge to make strategically focussed career decisions with an emphasis on assessing roles and organisational cultures that best fit occupational interests, key skills, career values and career motivators

Key benefits include:

  • Identifying and defining occupational interests, key skills and paths for career development.

  • Identifying skill gaps or new career directions.
    Understanding what drives and motivates us.

  • Adding greater value to the organisation and achieving optimum satisfaction as a “right fit” employee.