Our workplace assistance services fit together to support your organisation to lift the wellbeing, development and performance of your employees, and ensure the smooth running of your business.


Employee assistance programme

Employee wellbeing is the focus of this rigorous programme. It includes practical information like professional strategies and interventions that you can draw from when personal or workplace issues arise.


Human resources

We offer a proven human resource service to organisations that do not have in-house human resources staff. Or, if you do have an HR department, talk to us about our mentorship and key human resources skills development programmes.

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Careers service

You can choose from a range of customised career programmes to support restructure processes as well as career development, career management and career directions to enhance employee retention and productivity.

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Training service

When things aren’t going as smoothly as they could, our training programmes will help get you and your organisation back on track. We can customise a programme to suit your situation.

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