Customised HR solutions

Your organisation will benefit from our professional customised HR solutions no matter what industry you’re in.

Our HR service can assist the development of:

  • Attraction and retention strategies.
  • Talent management programmes.
  • Leading edge organisational cultures.
  • Aligned strategies and operational objectives.
  • Performance measurement systems. 

We welcome the opportunity to complete an in-depth needs analysis for your organisation, and provide details of how we can help, with costings, to meet your specific requirements.

Mentoring & leadership

Introducing you to the benefits of leading versus managing, and helping you to become skilled in motiving employees towards personal and professional growth.

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Often high-achieving individuals are rewarded by being promoted into management positions, but remember that expert technical skills don't always translate into expert management skills.

Our Mentor Programme is customised to the needs of managers and team leaders. It’s designed to provide practical hands-on guidance as well as theoretical knowledge in relation to all aspects of management including leadership, performance management, delegation, communication and effective time management.

The programme can:

  • ensure you can assess high-talent individuals’ leadership potential

  • provide you (managers, new or existing, junior or senior) to develop best practice leadership skills.

We do this by introducing you to the benefits of leading versus managing. We equip you with the tools and strategies to become skilled in motivating your people.

Leadership programme benefits include:

  • You will become more skilled in providing work direction, positive and regular constructive feedback, encouraging self-reliant problem solving, delegating, goal setting and active management techniques.

  • An increase in open and positive communication between managers and employees.

  • You will be perceived as someone genuinely interested in employee growth and development.

  • An increase in staff morale and productivity.

Team building & conflict resolution

Programmes are business-relevant, fun and where appropriate include assessment and profiling tools.

We develop customised team building and conflict resolution programmes to create and sustain effective team dynamics that meet the needs of your organisation.

 Programme objectives are to:

  • build a sense of team

  • learn how to communicate effectively with each other

  • develop awareness and understanding of different learning styles and personalities.

Your programme will be designed to provide participants with effective conflict resolution strategies, including win-win conflict management techniques, conflict resolution processes, conflict style self-assessment and assertive versus aggressive communication strategies.

Key benefits of our conflict resolution services:

  • external support for all involved parties

  • comprehensive reporting and tracking of discussions and progress

  • development of effective working relationship guidelines

  • conduct and confidentiality agreements.




Our structured process is designed to defuse, define and agree future standards of behaviour.

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We also offer a mediation process that includes a combination of development tools, individual personal support, communication strategies and joint mediation sessions.

Our structured process is designed to defuse, define and agree future standards of behaviour.

How to target talent

Our targeting talent programme is designed to assist you in the attraction, development and retention of high performing employees.

It includes a number of assessment tools and is customised and linked to your organisational competencies.

Managers will learn how to:

  • develop talent to meet future strategic needs

  • promote individual and organisational growth

  • minimise exposure to risk from vacant key roles

  • develop a talent pool

  • target incentives to individual motivators

  • identify individual development paths.

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Culture analysis

We will work with you to ensure your organisation’s cultural goals are achieved.


You will benefit from our HR techniques such as:

  • 360° feedback
  • focus groups
  • surveys
  • training needs analysis
  • competency development
  • strategic planning.

Organisational outcomes include:

  • Everyone will become part of the big picture working towards a common goal.
  • Identification of common barriers to success.
  • Attraction and retention of high-talent employees.


Exit interviews

We can introduce you to the art of customising exit interviews

Learn how to develop and run exit interview questionnaires and reports to meet organisational requirements, including phone, paper-based and face-to-face interviews.

EAP Services has a number of templates that can be used to build relevant, effective exit interview questionnaires and reporting mechanisms. 

Key benefits include:

  • Our profile within customer organisations is one of trust and confidentiality, which allows employees to undertake exit interviewing comfortably.

  • Quality of feedback received.

  • External tracking and reporting of potential issues.

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Performance management

Our performance management programmes focus on compliance with the Employment Relations Act to minimise risk in relation to personal grievances.

The programmes incorporate business-relevant, user friendly and effective strategies for any level of manager who is required to undertake performance monitoring.

Monitoring may include making assessments, carrying out appraisals and managing poor performance.

Psychometric testing

We offer four personality assessment techniques to help with employee selection and development.

Personality assessment tool key uses:

  • Personal and professional development.
  • Creating and sustaining effective team dynamics.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Succession planning.
  • Career development.
  • Management development.

Our qualified administrators offer the following assessments:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI).
  • Hogan Development survey (HDS).
  • Hogan Motivators, Values, Preferences Inventory.
  • Jung Type Indicator Assessment. 

About Hogan assessment tools

Hogan has over 25 years of experience providing assessment solutions for employee selection and development. Hundreds of validation studies demonstrate the extent to which the assessments predict performance. Organisations using Hogan rely on the tools to improve quality of hire, facilitate individual development, and enhance team effectiveness.

For example, after the events of 9/11, the United States decided to employ armed guards on American flights. They used the Hogan assessment tools as a key tool in their guard selection process. They needed to be able to accurately predict how applicants would perform under pressure.

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The HPI is a measure of normal personality. It provides information regarding the "bright side" of personality characteristics that appear in social interaction and that facilitate or inhibit a person's ability to get along with others and achieve his or her goals.

The HPI is based on the Five-Factor Model (FFM) of personality, assesses normal personality and interpersonal characteristics, and predicts occupational success.

The five factors in the FFM are openness to experience, emotional stability, dependability, agreeableness and urgency. 

The Hogan assessment suite is widely used for leadership development from middle management to the executive level. 

Hogan Development survey (HDS)

The HDS assesses 11 common dysfunctional dispositions that interfere with a person's ability to build relationships with others and create cohesive, goal orientated teams.

While the traits of the HPI can easily be seen in a person's day to day behaviours, the dysfunctional dispositions of the HDS will only be seen in situations where the person is not actively managing their public image. These situations might include those with high stress or change, multi-tasking, task saturation or accomplishment, poor person-job fit, or when a person feels comfortable enough with those they work with that they no longer manage their public image.

Hogan Motivators, Values, Preferences Inventory (MPVI)

The MVPI is an excellent tool to determine how well a person will fit with a job or organisation. It provides an effective evaluation of the fit between the individual and the organisational culture. The MVPI assesses the things that individuals enjoy, provides useful data on how an individual will manage others and assists individuals to understand their interests, motives and drivers.

About Jung Type Indicator Assessment (JTI)

Within organisations, the JTI can be used to enhance personal effectiveness and facilitate team building. The JTI questionnaire items have been found to be acceptable to people from a broad range of cultural backgrounds, providing a modern, reliable and valid measure of Jungian type.