What’s new at EAP?

July 08 2021 by EAP Services Limited

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Now that we’re part of the Habit Health whanau, we’re shaking things up and making some changes. Here’s how we’re getting started and what it means for you - our customers.

More staff

We’ve brought on new people in our professional teams to help us reduce wait times, and we’ve built a new account team so you can get any day-to-day queries answered quickly - no need to wait for an account manager.

More training

We’ve added more training and professional development for our counsellors and coaches, and we’ve developed more bespoke options for our customer-facing staff.

A better way of doing business

We’ve changed how our professional staff can meet with your people by extending our service to whatever suits you best - in person, over the phone or video calling. Plus, we’ve set up appointment reminders via text, to help drive down ‘did not attend’ costs.

We’re committed to delivering an employee assistance service you can rely on, with demonstrable value and return on investment. Need to talk to us? Get in touch via or call us any time on 0800 327 669.