EAP Joins Habit Health

July 08 2021 by EAP Services Limited

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We’ve joined the Habit Health whānau! 

Habit Health is an integrated health provider. Offer your team new services, such as annual health checks, social and workplace rehabilitation, employee health monitoring and pre-employment assessments. These services make Habit Health the perfect fit for us at EAP to help your team through the highs and lows of life and achieve altogether better health.

We share the same goals as Habit Health, to keep you and your business healthy at work. Together with the occupational health team, you can identify exposure to hazardous environments or situations through health monitoring. In addition to ensuring risks are captured and treated up-front through annual health checks, Habit Health also offers bespoke pre-employment testing. It’s easier to maintain an accident-free workplace with straight-frorward drug testing in place. You can further reduce sick days by offering flu vaccinations for your team and even prevent stress injuries through early intervention by a physiotherapist.

Learn more about Habit Health services at or email

Your account manager can tell you more about these services and connect you directly with the health expert you require.