EAP Services e-Flyer No.46

October 07 2021 by EAP Services Limited




EAP Services

Take time to kôrero

The Mental Health Foundation’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is Take time to kôrero/mâ te kôrero, ka ora.  Through conversation, comes wellbeing. 

EAP Services has a set of ready-to-go workshops and eLearning aimed at providing your organisation with a variety of topics that bring true value to your Mental Health Awareness Week activities.

Our topics include:
·         Self-care and resilience
·         Sleep fatigue and burnout
·         Stress, resilience and wellbeing
·         Food and mood, nutritional psychiatry

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A freebie for you!

Burnt out, but don’t have the time to be burnt out?

Last month's printable infographic on burnout generated a lot of interest.  Unfortunately, burnout tends to be a trend for a lot of our workplaces. 1 out of 10 workers in Aotearoa are experiencing burnout; this situation is only made worse by the ins-and-outs of Covid. 

In collaboration with Psychologist Laura Ainscough, our Learning Services team has developed learning modules that go over techniques to help cope with burnout and support mental health. We’ve made this resource available to you and your team free of charge on our new eLearning platform. Look out for more education sessions offered here.

Here is a link to your free eLearning module! You can share the Resetting the Baseline – Recovering from Burnout module link with your teams via email, text, social media or make it available on your intranet. Simply copy and paste this link:

This link will be valid for 3 months.

Inside the eLearning module you will find a downloadable and printable poster for common spaces in the office.  Feel free to print it out and put it up or click on the image below.



Get your whole team vaccinated for COVID-19

Habit Health can now offer COVID-19 vaccinations to your employees and their families. There is no charge for this, as the programme is supported through Ministry of Health. You can even make group bookings and get the whole team done in one go. You will have received an email from the Habit Health Workplace team earlier this week. To get in touch, email



Free Webinar Events

We were overwhelmed with the response to our recent free live webinar event by Psychologist, Dr Joe Guse on Handling Ongoing Covid Challenges in the Workplace.  Follow us on LinkedIn for more free webinars and events.



Tiaki Talks

EAP Services are launching Tiaki Talks, a series of informal 60 min presentations on selected topics. Attendees can ask our professionals questions during built in Q&A time to gain insights from an expert in the field.

Tiaki means “care for the people and the place”. Our objective with this new informal style of learning is to help employers to demonstrate care for their staff. We have a number of topics ready and available for your team.

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Feeling a bit anxious, team of 5 million?

It’s natural to struggle when times are uncertain, so when worry and anxiety take over it can become all-encompassing. This handy article from Psychology Tools called Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty helps us to put our worries into perspective and narrows them down into Real problem worries and Hypothetical worries. There are helpful exercises such as the Worry Decision Tree on page 8.




Next time…

Our next e-Flyer will focus on other EAP Services offerings outside of counselling and learning services, such as human resources, change management, career services, and financial advice.