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Critical Incident Support

EAP Services provides formal Critical Incident support to over 1400 client organisations and their subsidiaries globally. Our formalised Employee Assistance Programme contracts all include the provision for CI support.

A Critical Incident is any event that is unexpected, acute, stressful and that may exceed the normal coping capacities of those involved in the event. While some will have the ability to ‘ride through’ the event, others may struggle to ‘move on’. The severity of the impact most often depends on the severity of the event itself and the psychological make up of those directly impacted.

In a workplace situation, any such incidents can lead to emotional and sometimes physical distress, often to the point where the employee can no longer function in the workplace.

EAP Services provide immediate response to any critical incident on a 24/7/365 basis.  Our Professionals are highly experienced with training in Psychological First Aid and on-going incident and case management expertise.

The key features of our Critical Incident Support services are:

• Guaranteed response times and action plans

• Coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

• Professional support for employees involved in a serious incident

• Individual and or group support, as required

• Liaison and support for Management, both immediately in response to the incident and following the initial


• Proactive care to assisting employees return to the workplace

• Formal Critical Incident Reporting to Management

For further information on this service or to obtain assistance to support a Critical Incident, please contact us on (NZ)0800 327 669, (AU)1800 726 474 or elsewhere +64 9 353 0906